The Graves We Dig

from by Lead Us Forth



How easily can one become enamoured with self-gratification?
I have lost my way through it so many times
Hedonistic delusions appear to make perfect sense
When death is as far as existence extends

Choosing this path only leads to a dead end
The results are pointless dividends

What a narcissistic deception
Such a shallow grave we dig
Blindfolding our own eyes
Like it's the only way to live

This obsession creates a dark clouded snare
Devouring! Devouring!

A life filled with distractions only leads to a single destination
Oh such is the weakness that I wrestle with every day
But I don't wanna reach the end of my days bearing a hollow offering
Fruit of a life staring into the mirror, where all I can see is me

No longer slave to selfish ways that lead to the prison of death
I have met the realization that there's more to this life
Than living for myself with every breath!

Forge within me character, integrity, and truth
May my life become a canvas
That paints a portrait of You!
Show me how to tread the path of selfless sacrifice
A radical shift from what I'm taught in this life!

Let's reinvent the way I live
And refine the way I love
Grace to renew
That I may be transformed


from Interlocutor, released May 12, 2016



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Lead Us Forth Auckland, New Zealand

Lead Us Forth is a metal band born in Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for heavy music that holds a melodic edge and a progressive influence in its songs.

It is forged from a desire to speak out a message of hope and encouragement from a platform of intelligent and intense music.

Offering crushing riffs, and memorable grooves, Lead Us Forth is an upcoming band that demands attention.
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